CD-Sounds Of Trains Volume 1 (7-3002)


1. No. 3985 Pacing on Sherman Hill, WYO

2. No. 3985, MP545.9

3. No. 3985, Hermosa Tunnel

4. Via Canada’s FP 9’s Lake Louise

5. No. 4449, Draper, California

6. No. 4449, Pacing-Board Beaumont/ Mojave

7. No. 4449, Crescent Lake/Grass Lake

8. C&TS 484./487 and No.488, Chama, NM

9. Nos. 484/487 and No. 488, Cresco

10. Nos. 489/484, Lobato

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Sounds of Trains Volume 1: Featured are the sounds of western railroading and the steam
locomotives of Union Pacific (No. 3985, the Challenger); No. 4449 (the Daylight); and the
narrow gauge Cumbres and Toltec Scenic, VIA Canada’s vintage FP 9 diesels (covered
wagons) are included for good measure. Creative license is taken with certain scenes that
were recorded at different times and perhaps, places. Digital recording with COLOSSUS
provides amazingly consistent sound quality and the combined digital mixes offer
an unusual sound scape for your listening pleasure.

58 min.

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