CD-Mister D’s Machine (7-3001)


Audio spectacular panorama of sound revealing the modern diesel locomotive of american railroading hard at work on the SP in the early 1960’s.

1. Train #58, The Owl at Edison, California

2. Train #58 Meets Second #57, A troop extra on the loop in rolling meet.

3. Train #58 Meets Train #51, The San Joaquin Daylight at Palmdale.

4. Train #373, The Overnight Hotshot between Los Angeles and San Francisco at Santa Susanna pass in the mountains of LA.

5. #75, The Overnight LA-SF Lark approaches Chatsworth with one of the finest P-5 Swedish Chime air horns ever recorded.

6. A Lowly Baldwin AS-616 #5209 Brings a train of empty Auto-racks through Burbank Jct.

7. SD-9’s on a downhill freight at Woodford, CA on their way down the famous mountains of Tehachapi with their dynamic brakes howling.

8. Big time action on the loop as 1-802 with 9000 tons, 14 units and over 22,000 HP climbs by.

9. In the cab of an SD-9 on 1-804 leaving Mojave Eastbound with a freight bound for Los Angeles.

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Recorded in 1963, this is a picture of big-time SP railroading with favorite cuts of the San Joaquin Daylight
at Edison, The Owl on the Loop and meeting the San Joaquin Daylight at Palmdale, The Lark passing
through the sleepy San Fernando Valley, freights climbing and descending Tehachapi Loop with braces
of SD 9’s and first generation helpers cut in mid-train and on the rear. Brad managed to stage several
of the recordings, enhancing an already exciting setting. One such cut is track #5, side one featuring
the Lark approaching the tunnels of Chatsworth, California with a beautiful Nathan P-5 air horn. Half
a century later, I happened to run into the son of the engineer of the Lark the night the recording
was made. He remembered his dad, Fritz Iverson, getting trains orders to “whistle freely”
as a recording company was set up along the right-of-way. Mr. D’s Machine was the first railroad
recording I ever purchased as a child and I’m pleased to offer these fabulous sounds for all to enjoy
once again. F units, E9’s, Alco DL600B’s, SD 9’s and more. Digitally re-mastered Stereo using
Sonic-Seven technology that was ahead of its time then and now. If you’ve worn out your vinyl
like many of us have, here is the perfect replacement.

Approx. 45 min

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