CD-4449 Pinnacle (7-3006)


DISC 1                                                                                                            DISC 2

1. BROOKLYN ROUNDHOUSE                                                               1. READY FOR DEPARTURE, PORTLAND UNION STATION

2. REDDING + OAKRIDGE                                                                      2. RADIO: ALL MOVING 4-4-4-9

3. FLATONIA + AURURA                                                                         3. ENTERING SWING BRIDGE OVER WILLAMETTE RIVER

4. HOOKER HILL ODYSSEY                                                                    4. EAST PORTLAND CORRIDOR

5. OASIS OVERPASS DOUBLEHEADER                                               5. STOPPING, BROOKLYN YARD

6. DRAPER DOUBLEHEADER                                                                 6. LEAVING BROOKLYN YARD

7. MACDOEL DOUBLETRACK MEET                                                     7. OREGON CITY

8. LEAVING MOWICH + DEXTER                                                          8. CANBY BLOCK 70 MPH TRACK

9. HITO + GUEST WHISTLE                                                                     9. SLOWING FOR AURORA S CURVE

10. RENARD DOUBLEHEADER                                                              10. HITO SIDING

11. DEER PARK ROAD                                                                                11. HUBBRD

12. MARION OVERPASS DOUBLEHEADER                                        12. WOODBURN, 45 MPH SPEED RESTRICTION


.                                                                                                                         14. ENTERING SALEM

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Pinnacle is a 2-CD set. Southern Pacific equipped many of their WWII era super steam
locomotives with air horns (in addition to steam whistles). Cab Forwards, 4-8-2 Mountains,
and GS 2 through GS 6 4-8-4’s were specifically equipped due to the heavy fog prone in
the San Joaquin Valley and coast routes of California. While penetrating, the overtones
were warm and rounded with some describing them as “mellow. One full CD recorded in
the cab and the second at trackside. Some liberties were taken in recreating events that
didn’t exactly happen as presented.

104 minutes.

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