CD-First & Second Generation Diesels Vol 3 (7-6056)


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  • CD-First & Second Generation Diesels Vol 3 (7-6056)

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    When the diesel entered the scene in the late 1940’s, they incorporated the advantages that made them an obvious choice to replace steam with the exception of their horns. While steam engine whistles ranged from beautiful and melodious to haunting, the single note warning devices delivered with early diesels was just plain noise.

    In the effort to make the new “growlers” as they were called, more lovable, air horn makers Nathan and Leslie made a variety of air chimes in an effort to duplicate that long lonesome whistle of the steam era. At the same time, Swanson of Canada developed the K series of horns in conjunction with Nathan. It is this K Style of horn that modern diesels are using almost universally.

    This compilation of trains in action concentrates on the tunable Nathan M-5 on both SP and WP, Leslies S-4’s, Nathan P-3’s, P-5’s on a Variety of Power from F units  ti SDP-40F’s. Previously Released as Air Horn Symphony Volume 2, the title change gives the correct name to what we’ve recorded… Trains in action

    Enjoy the chant of the 567 diesel, the burble of a U25B or turbo charged 2nd generation power sporting and old horn on a new paint Job.

    With progress comes change and everything on this recording is now gone or a museum piece. If you want to hear what the early diesels sounded like, this is a great walk down memory lane!

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  • CD-First Generation Diesels Volume 2 (7-6055)

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    Enjoy the sounds of Rio Grande F units working hard to pull the CZ up the Front Range of the Rockies and Santa Fe F’s pulling freight in Colorado. Santa Fe and D&H Alco PA-1’s in service, Alco and Baldwin switchers as well as Erie Lackawanna E units working hard in New Jersey on Commute trains. This is one great collection of history on wheels that you’ll love to hear again and again! Originally released in the 60’s by Arkay Records and then L&H Railsonics.

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  • CD-Greatest Hits Of The Daylight Volume 2 In The Cab (7-6098)

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    The Cab of a Steam Locomotive is a places of incredible heat, noise and vibrations the can jar body parts from their normal locations. At the same time, The ab of a steam locomotive is a place of wonder and awe as ma and machine work together to make the most wonderful signs and sounds imaginable. Have you ever wondered who those lucky people were that you waved at as the Daylight passed you by?  We categorize them into three groups: Those who have business in the cab such as running the locomotive or a railroad official familiar with the territory; those who have done something very special or know somebody of importance; and the rest of the world who would give their eye teeth for a cab ride in the Daylight. Those who have attained the inner sanctum of cab ridership will remember forever the thrill of the event, the way time flew by and then, it was over all too soon. This recording is for anyone who ever wanted to be in the cab as well as those who were and would like a souvenir. We searched the world over for the finest recordings ever made from the cab of the Daylight and are pleased to release some of the works of the late Brad Miller of Mobile Fidelity Recordings. Brad Masterfully used the best equipment available to deliver pure sounds. when the equipment wasn’t good enough, Brad invented his own Colossus mikes that could bring true sounds to us without distortion from wind or noise. Brad’s widow was gracious enough to allow us to keep his work alive for all to enjoy.

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  • CD-Mister D’s Machine (7-3001)

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    Audio spectacular panorama of sound revealing the modern diesel locomotive of american railroading hard at work on the SP in the early 1960’s.

    1. Train #58, The Owl at Edison, California

    2. Train #58 Meets Second #57, A troop extra on the loop in rolling meet.

    3. Train #58 Meets Train #51, The San Joaquin Daylight at Palmdale.

    4. Train #373, The Overnight Hotshot between Los Angeles and San Francisco at Santa Susanna pass in the mountains of LA.

    5. #75, The Overnight LA-SF Lark approaches Chatsworth with one of the finest P-5 Swedish Chime air horns ever recorded.

    6. A Lowly Baldwin AS-616 #5209 Brings a train of empty Auto-racks through Burbank Jct.

    7. SD-9’s on a downhill freight at Woodford, CA on their way down the famous mountains of Tehachapi with their dynamic brakes howling.

    8. Big time action on the loop as 1-802 with 9000 tons, 14 units and over 22,000 HP climbs by.

    9. In the cab of an SD-9 on 1-804 leaving Mojave Eastbound with a freight bound for Los Angeles.

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  • CD-Greatest Hits Of The Daylight Volume 1 (7-6097)

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    You can never have enough of the daylight! The sounds of this incredible machine have been gathered form many different events to entertain and help you recall fond memories of the times you’ve ridden and watched 4449 in action. Truly, the title of “The Most Beautiful Train in the World” belongs to this masterpiece in the evolution of steam. We can’t tank Doyle McCormack and his crew enough for the work they’ve done to not only restore but to maintain the Daylight for us to enjoy. Who Would have believed that the 4449 would last longer in excursion service than she did in revenue service for the Southern Pacific!

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  • CD-4449 Pinnacle (7-3006)

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    DISC 1                                                                                                            DISC 2

    1. BROOKLYN ROUNDHOUSE                                                               1. READY FOR DEPARTURE, PORTLAND UNION STATION

    2. REDDING + OAKRIDGE                                                                      2. RADIO: ALL MOVING 4-4-4-9

    3. FLATONIA + AURURA                                                                         3. ENTERING SWING BRIDGE OVER WILLAMETTE RIVER

    4. HOOKER HILL ODYSSEY                                                                    4. EAST PORTLAND CORRIDOR

    5. OASIS OVERPASS DOUBLEHEADER                                               5. STOPPING, BROOKLYN YARD

    6. DRAPER DOUBLEHEADER                                                                 6. LEAVING BROOKLYN YARD

    7. MACDOEL DOUBLETRACK MEET                                                     7. OREGON CITY

    8. LEAVING MOWICH + DEXTER                                                          8. CANBY BLOCK 70 MPH TRACK

    9. HITO + GUEST WHISTLE                                                                     9. SLOWING FOR AURORA S CURVE

    10. RENARD DOUBLEHEADER                                                              10. HITO SIDING

    11. DEER PARK ROAD                                                                                11. HUBBRD

    12. MARION OVERPASS DOUBLEHEADER                                        12. WOODBURN, 45 MPH SPEED RESTRICTION

    13. STATION ARRIVALS PORTLAND + BERKELE                             13. LEAVING WOODBURN

    .                                                                                                                         14. ENTERING SALEM

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  • CD-Sounds Of Trains Volume 4 (7-3005)

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    1. Nos. 1522 & 1218 (SPECIAL COMBO)

    2. No. 1522 (MOSELLE, WESTBOUND)

    3. No. 1522 (ROLLA HILL, EASTBOUND)

    4. No. 1522 (PACING)

    5. Nos. 844/1522 (LAKE JCT.)

    6. No. 1522 AND Nos. 844/1522 (COMBO)

    7. Nos. 844/1522 (WEBSTER GROVE)

    8. Nos. 844/1522 (KIRKWOOD)

    9. Nos. 844/1522 (KIRKWOOD, SECOND PASS)

    10. Nos. 819 & 819 (ILLMO/DUPO)

    11. No. 3985 (LAAPI ARCHER HILL 8/1/90)

    12. Nos. 3985 & 3985 (OGALALA MEFT)

    13. Nos. 3985/844 & Nos. 3985 ( SPECIAL COMBO MIX, DOUBLEHEADERS MEET)

    14. No. 765 & No. 425 (NEW RIVER AND LEESPORT)

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  • CD-High Country Steam (7-7058)

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    Originally released by ARKAY Enterprises, you can now enjoy the sounds of narrow gauge K series locomotives hard at work on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The Denver & Rio Grande Western Narrow gauge railroad in the Rocky Mountain high county is as much a symbol of the old west as anything else put there by man. Built in the 1880’s to haul silver and gold out of the area around Silverton, CO., portions of the line lasted in common carrier freight service until the 1960’s, with all trains powered by steam. Fortunately, two sections have been saved for future generations to enjoy. We concentrate on the spectacular segment between Chama, NM. and Antonito, CO., which operates now as the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic RR. The Line Twists and climbs from an altitude of 7860 feet at Chama to 10,000 feet at Cumbres Pass  in just 14 miles! Grades of 4% are common. High Country Steam captures the sounds of this exciting stretch of railroad, combining sequences from common carrier operation in the 1960’s with scenes from the Great Freight 79 Special and operation of rotary plow OM. Our CD opens with a spectacular sequence that our recording engineers call “Thunder on Cumbres” , as 2-8-2 484 attacks Cumbres Pass in the middle of a thunder storm. We will then take you through sequences depicting a climb over Cumbres, spanning 13 years of operation. We hope you enjoy!

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  • CD-Steam Tracks Vol 1 (7-6085)

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    Enjoy the sound of the following: N&W 1218 and 611, PRR 1361, CP 2317, NKP 765, SP 4449, GM&O 425, Reading 2102, and Sierra 8 and 34. Stereo for you enjoyment, thrill to big steam hard at work. We know we did when we first discovered this great collection of the old L&H Railsonics company which we subsequently acquired. If you Missed the NS steam program, here’s a great collection of what was. If you were lucky enough to have witnessed any of these mainline steam events, this recording will bring back happy memories of those days. hopefully, they will return but for now, listen and remember when….

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  • CD-Riding The Rails (7-2472)

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    Recorded onboard SP 2472

    Hear the sounds of a high speed steam engine recorded for the baggage car right behind the tender. Jointed rails, Whistles and bells will make you think that you’re onboard a train from the past. Enjoy the soothing sounds of yesteryear anytime you’d like…

    This outstanding locomotive can be found at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum where it is lovingly kept ready for the next run.

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  • CD-Sounds Of Trains Volume 1 (7-3002)

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    1. No. 3985 Pacing on Sherman Hill, WYO

    2. No. 3985, MP545.9

    3. No. 3985, Hermosa Tunnel

    4. Via Canada’s FP 9’s Lake Louise

    5. No. 4449, Draper, California

    6. No. 4449, Pacing-Board Beaumont/ Mojave

    7. No. 4449, Crescent Lake/Grass Lake

    8. C&TS 484./487 and No.488, Chama, NM

    9. Nos. 484/487 and No. 488, Cresco

    10. Nos. 489/484, Lobato

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  • CD-Decade of Steam (7-7067)

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    Enjoy the sounds of 4449 when if first went back into service, Reading 2102, Sierra Ry #28 and 34 doubleheader, Chessie 2716 running on the southern and Chessie 614 on a 17 mile grade. Up 844 and 3985 double-headed climbing over Donner Pass, CP Hudson 2839 running on the Southern. Also, BCR 3716 on a special to Pemberton. There are unforgettable sounds of steam locomotives working hard and running fast.

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  • CD-Steel Rails Under Thundering Skys (7-3007)

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    1. No. 1702   2-8-0 READER RAILROAD

    2. No. 11   2-6-2 READER RAILROAD

    3. No. 8444   4-8-4 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD

    4. No. 34  2-8-2 SIERRA RAILROAD


    6. No 28  2-8-0 SIERRA RAILROAD

    7. No. 2102  4-8-4 STEAM TOURs INC.  (EX-READING RAILROAD)





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  • CD-Sounds Of Trains Volume 3 (7-3004)

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    1. No. 2860 passes MP 7, West Vancouver

    2. No. 2860 exits Britannia Tunnel on September 2, 1986

    3. No. 2860 Departs Alberta/ BC border on October 23, 1988

    4. Nos. 6060 and 2860 arrive west of the Blue River Yard Limits

    5. Nos. 6060 and 2860 leave Valmont

    6. No. 3716 at Pavillion loop

    7. No. 6060 and 2860 arrive at Clearwater Station, BC

    8. Nos. 6060 and 2860 leave Clearwater

    9. Nos. 6060 and 2860 Leaving Clearwater (Take 2)

    10. No. 3716 and 2860 depart Lac La Hache Siding

    11. Nos. 3716 and 2860 pass Devine on 2.2% grade

    12. Nos. 3716 and 2860 from the tender of 3716 in the lead

    13. Nos. 3716 and 2860 leave Mons

    14. No. 3716 at Britannia

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  • CD-Sounds Of Trains Volume 2 (7-3003)

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    1. No. 1218, Anniston, Alabama

    2. No. 1218, Iron City

    3. No. 1218, Glade Creek; FP 7’s Monroe

    4. No. 611/No. 1218, Kettle Hollow

    5. No. 1218 Bluefield pacing

    6. No.1218/611, Roanoke; No 4501 K’Ville

    7. No. 611/ No. 1218, Covesville, Virginia

    8. No. 4501, Jefferson City; No. 611, MP 190

    9. No. 4501, Newport, Tennessee pacing

    10. No. 152, Jefferson City, Tennessee

    11. No. 152, Knoxville; FP 7’s, Fairfield, VA

    12. No. 611/No. 1218 side by side

    13. No. 4501, Mascot, Tennessee

    14. No. 611, Spartanburg, SC: FP 7’s, Amherst, VA

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