The Bicentennial Queen Book [03-0099]


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  • The Bicentennial Queen Book [03-0099]

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    Printed in 1975 for America’s Freedom Train, these original soft-bound books tell of the SP Daylight train and the restoration of the Daylight 4449 to pull the Freedom Train.  

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  • Daylight Trains 98 and 99 Book [03-0098]


    If you have recently gotten the model Daylight train sets that just came in, here is the perfect reading material to tell you the rest of the story. The Daylight Book, written by Richard Wright in 1971, is still the most comprehensive source of information on the most beautiful train in the world. Inside, you’ll find 1000 black and white photos from the Southern Pacific archives. 656 hardbound pages will help you to identify any detail of our favorite train, to the degree that, you could actually build one from the information contained in it. 7 pounds of reading material…you will love it.

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  • 4449: Queen of Steam [03-0097]


    “4449–The Queen of Steam”
    by Henry Brueckman and Jeffrey Moreau,
    64 pps., hardbound, 1983, 1st ed., (1984)

    The Daylight train was among the most popular of the named trains operated on American main rail lines in the 1940s and 1950s. Equally popular were the steam locomotives that provided the power for these colorful trains. This book is the story of the one surviving Daylight locomotive: engine No. 4449. Presently preserved in Portland, Oregon, this beautiful example of American locomotive construction can, from time-to-time, be seen on exhibit and on special service throughout the American west.

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